Ph.D. and Postdoc Projects

  • Stefan Benz: “Negotiations of Rhythm and Sound from Early Indigenous Writing to Hip Hop and EDM.” (WT) (second book / Habilitation)

  • Katharina Fackler: “Early American Sea Writing, Pacific Ecologies, and the Aesthetics of Extraction.” (WT) (second book / Habilitation)

  • Mahshid Mayar: "W( )oles and ( )holes: Politically Engaged Erasure Poetry in Twenty-First-Century United States." (WT) (second book / Habilitation)

  • Fenna Wächter, "'A Way of Living': Representations of Homeownership in TIME Magazine" (2017) (full text)

  • Catrin Weimbs: "Utopic Bodies, Dystopic Subjects: Dialogues between Literature and Theory" (2009) (full text)

  • Christian Klöckner: "Exploding Books: Contemporary American Fiction, Maurice Blanchot, and the Writing of Terror(ism) (2011)

  • Katrin Dauenhauer:"The Shadow of Torture: Debating US Transgressions in Military Interventions, 1899-2009" (2013)

  • Sarah Schaschek: "Reloading the Money Shot: Seriality in Pornography" (2012)

  • Simone Knewitz: "'A Poet is flesh and blood as well as brain': Amy Lowell, William Carlos Williams, and the Modernist Poetics of the Material Body" (2010)

  • Ingrid Thaler: "White Genres, Black Traditions? Reworkings of Time in Black Atlantic Speculative Fictions of Octavia E. Butler, Jewelle Gomez, and Nalo Hopkinson" (2007)

  • Michael Butter: "The Epitome of Evil: Hitler in American Fiction 1939–2002" (2007)

  • Peter Schniering: "Into a 'Hydrogen Future'? The Bush Administration's Climate Strategy and the American Belief in Technology" (2007)

  • Katrin Amian: "Rethinking Postmodernism(s): Charles Sanders Peirce and the Pragmatist Negotiations of Thomas Pynchon, Toni Morrison, and Jonathan Safran Foer" (2007)

  • Uta Gosmann: "The Poetics of Memory: Sylvia Plath, Susan Howe and Ellen Hinsey" (2005)

  • Dr. Simone Knewitz, "Contested Claims: The Rhetoric and Politics of Private Property in U.S. Culture" (2018)

  • Dr. Elisabeth Schäfer-Wünsche: "Echoes of the Extreme: Writing the Self in North America" (2011)

  • Dr. Axel Stähler: "Zion's Fiction: Postkoloniale Fiktionen jüdischer Identität" (2007)

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