Welcome to the North American Studies Program

Dedicated to the transdisciplinary and comparative study of the United States and Canada, the North American Studies Program provides an innovative space of inquiry into theories and practices of culture, transatlantic relations, and processes of globalization. In both research and teaching, we focus on the interplay of political and economic structures with literary and cultural forms and discourses, the dynamics of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and the interrogation of North America in a global context. Our distinctive strengths are in such areas as literary and cultural theory, Native and Indigenous studies, gender studies and feminist critique, environmental studies, visual culture studies, the intersections of law and culture, and dialogues between cultural studies and the natural sciences.

Established in 1990 as a joint venture of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, the North American Studies Program ranks as one of the best places in Germany to study and do research in the field and has gained an outstanding reputation for its conferences, guest lectures, and lecture series on issues of North American and cultural studies. We foster the education of students who wish to think broadly, work independently, and pursue innovative research projects. Our faculty members are experts in literary and cultural studies, political science, and economics and also include visiting scholars. In addition, students profit from our close cooperation with colleagues in the fields of history and postcolonial studies at the University of Cologne and from our long-standing alliances with U.S. and Canadian universities.

Upcoming Event

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"Serial Products and Practices of the Progressive Era" on January 30, 2024

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Christina Meyer, University of Hamburg

More Events

"Reclaiming Power in Indigenous Artistic Presence"
Via Zoom
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
What does a gendered analysis of Indigenous hip hop practice look like in the present? Eekwol (Lindsay Knight) and Liz Przybylski share music and dialogue ...
"The Biden Presidency: A Critical Evaluation"
University of Bonn, ...
06:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Join us for a panel discussion with Former Members of Congress Rep. Val Demings (Democrat | Florida) & Rep. Luke Messer (Republican | Indiana) on 24 October ...
"Agricultural Imperialism and US Literature"
IAAK, Rabinstr. 8
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
The intricacies of “settling” the land – mixing the soil with the labor of people’s hands (according to John Locke) – has received relatively little attention ...
"Party Transformation in Congressional Primaries"
IAAK, Rabinstr. 8
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
Primary elections are commonly said to contribute to partisan polarization in Congress, yet those who vote in them have been shown to be non-ideological. This ...
"The Politics of Film Remakes, Reboots, and Sequels"
IAAK, Rabinstr. 8
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
Film remakes, reboots, and sequels perpetually generate, sustain, and renew popular media texts, whose enduring economic and cultural relevance adds up to more ...
"The People's Court"
IAAK, Rabinstraße 8, ...
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
This lecture examines a period-bound, demotic tradition in African American music, folklore, and vaudeville comedy based on the setting and process of the ...
"American Literature and Digital Selfhood"
IAAK, Rabinstraße 8, ...
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
While algorithms have come to shape the ways of ‘writing the self’, for example through data tracking and recording, personalized recommendation systems, and ...
"Reclaiming the ʹSite of Memoryʹ"
University of Bonn, ...
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
This talk explores the cultural practices of “civil repair” (cf. Jeffrey Alexander) across racialized lines that are built into the National Memorial for Peace ...

NAS News

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"Entangled Lives, Entangled Freedom(s)" - Talk by Prof. Meyer at the University of Texas at Austin, USA

On February 26, 2024, Prof. Sabine N. Meyer, Co-director of the North American Studies Program at the University of Bonn, will give a lecture on "Entangled Lives, Entangled Freedom(s): The Transformative Potential of Contemporary Black Indigenous Literature" at the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

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© Bernadett Yehdou, University of Bonn

NAS Lecturer Dr. Nils Hoffmann on TV

On November 17, 2024, Dr. Nils Hoffmann, Lecturer of the North American Studies Program, University of Bonn, gave an interview to German Television (WDR) on the subject of the UN Human Rights Charter and Eleanor Roosevelt's role in promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Job Advertisement for the Position of a Student Assistant at the Chair of Prof. Sielke

The position will be available as of April 15, 2024. Application deadline is February 16, 2024.

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Panel Discussion with Former Members of Congress

On October 24, 2023, the North American Studies Program of the University of Bonn together with its cooperation partners had the pleasure of hosting former members of the U.S. House of Representatives Val Demings and Luke Messer.

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Ambassador's Award 2023

The US Ambassador’s Award is making its return in 2023 following a several-year hiatus.     

© Sabine N. Meyer

Career Support and Funding for Female Academics

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2022, only slightly over one-fourth of full-time professorships at German universities and colleges were occupied by women. From 2020 until now, the University of Bonn has sponsored 90 female scientists through the STEP program.

Next application phase for our M.A. in North American Studies:

May 13, 2024 until September 2, 2024 (for the winter term 2024/25)


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