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Meyer, Sabine N. Native Removal Writing: Narratives of Peoplehood, Politics, and Law. University of Oklahoma Press, 2022.

Knewitz, Simone. The Politics of Private Property: Contested Claims to Ownership in U.S. Cultural Discourse. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2021.

Horst, Patrick. Halbzeitbilanz der Trump-Regierung: Innenpolitik - Außenpolitik - Demokratie. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2019.

Horst, Patrick, Philipp Adorf, and Frank Decker, eds. Die USA  eine scheiternde Demokratie? Frankfurt: Campus, 2018.

Klöckner, Christian, and Stefanie Mueller, eds. Financial Times. Spec. issue of Finance and Society 4.1 (2018).

Klöckner, Christian. The Writing of Terrorism: Contemporary American Fiction and Maurice Blanchot. Transcription 10. Frankfurt: Lang, 2017.

Sielke, Sabine, ed. In collaboration with Björn Bosserhoff. Nostalgie: Imaginierte Zeit-Räume in globalen Medienkulturen. Transcription 9. Frankfurt: Lang, 2017. 

Klöckner, Christian, Simone Knewitz, and Sabine Sielke, eds. Knowledge Landscapes North America. Heidelberg: Winter, 2016.

Sielke, Sabine, ed. In collaboration with Björn Bosserhoff. New York, New York! Urban Spaces, Dreamscapes, Contested Territories. Transcription 8. Frankfurt: Lang, 2015.

Dauenhauer, Katrin. The Shadow of Torture: Debating US Transgressions in Military Interventions, 1899-2008. Transcription 7. Frankfurt: Lang, 2015.


Schäfer-Wünsche, Elisabeth. Echoes of the Extreme: North American Autobiography and Globalized Narratives. Transcription 11. Frankfurt: Lang.

Sielke, Sabine. "Memory, Mediation, Seriality: Re-cognizing Literary and Cultural Studies, Re-membering the Subject."

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