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Book series "Transcription"

Since 2004, Prof. Dr. Sabine Sielke has been editing the series Transcription: Cultures – Concepts – Controversies for Peter Lang. The series is dedicated to publishing work that explores culture as cultures, interrogates concepts, methods, and theories, and intervenes in controversies about cultures and concepts. The term transcription acknowledges that all cultures engage in acts of translating and transforming performed, spoken, written, or digitalized languages, images, and sounds from one medium into another; it also refers, more specifically, to processes of encoding and transferring genetic information. The series focuses on, yet is not limited to, explorations of North American cultural practices and encourages dialogues between seemingly distant disciplines.

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Individual Transcription titles:


Echoes of the Extreme: North American Autobiography and Globalized Self-Narration. By Elisabeth Schäfer-Wünsche. Transcription 11. Frankfurt: Lang, 2021. Forthcoming.



The Writing of Terrorism: Contemporary American Fiction and Maurice Blanchot. By Christian Kloeckner. Transcription 10. Frankfurt: Lang, 2017.





Nostalgie: Imaginierte Zeiträume in globalen Medienkulturen
. Ed. Sabine Sielke. In collaboration with Björn Bosserhoff. Transcription 9. Frankfurt: Lang, 2017.




New York, New York!

New York, New York! Urban Spaces, Dreamscapes, Contested Territories
. Ed. Sabine Sielke. In collaboration with Björn Bosserhoff. Transcription 8. Frankfurt: Lang, 2015.






Transcription_cover 7

The Shadow of Torture: Debatin US Transgressions in Military Interventions, 1899-2008. By Katrin Dauenhauer. Transcription 7. Frankfurt: Lang, 2015.




Beyond 9/11 cover-1



Beyond 9/11: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Twenty-First Century U.S. American Culture. Ed. Christian Kloeckner, Simone Knewitz, and Sabine Sielke. In collaboration with Björn Bosserhoff. Transcription 6. Frankfurt: Lang, 2013.




Verschleierungstaktiken: Strategien von eingeschränkter Sichtbarkeit, Tarnung und Täuschung in Natur und Kultur. Ed. Anne-Rose Meyer and Sabine Sielke. Transcription 5. Frankfurt: Lang, 2011.






Orient and Orientalisms in US-American Poetry and Poetics. Ed. Sabine Sielke and Christian Kloeckner. Transcription 4. Frankfurt: Lang, 2009.






Getriebene Melancholiker: Helden - Körper - Action in Hollywood. By Nancy Shui-Yen Cheng. Transcription 3. Frankfurt: Lang, 2009.






Populäre Ökologie: Zu Literatur und Geschichte der modernen Umweltbewegung in den USA. By Hannes Bergthaller. Transcription 2. Frankfurt: Lang, 2007.






Gender Talks: Geschlechterforschung an der Universität Bonn
. Ed. Sabine Sielke and Anke Ortlepp. In collaboration with Theresa Huber. Transcription 1. Frankfurt: Lang, 2006.