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In the media (selection)

6 Oct. 2020
Interview with General-Anzeiger Bonn on first presidential debate (text)
conducted by Daniela Greulich

30 Sep. 2020
Comments on first Trump-Biden presidential debate (video)
Phoenix; with Erik Kirschbaum/LA Times, Elmar Theveßen/ZDF; moderator: Claudia Davies

8 Sep. 2020
Comments on Republican/Democratic conventions and Kamala Harris as VP choice (video)
Web talk series "America Decides", Friedrich Naumann Foundation; with Philip Adorf and Patrick Horst; moderator: Pia Herzan

4 June 2020
Interview on George Floyd protests (audio)
Deutschlandfunk Kultur; moderator: Sigrid Brinkmann

17 May 2019
Interview on #MeToo and lessons from the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign (audio)
United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney; moderator: Drew Sheldrick

20 Dec. 2017
Cited in article on nostalgia (text)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung; author: Simona Pfister

12 July 2016
Interview on President Obama's cultural policy (text)
Deutschlandfunk Kultur; moderator: Nana Brink

7 Aug. 2015
Interview on role of religion in first Republican presidental primary debate (text)

6 Nov. 2014
Cited in article on retro phenomena (text)
Badische Zeitung; author: Nadine Zeller

21 Aug. 2014
Interview on Ferguson protests (text)

27 Mar. 2012
Interview on Trayvon Martin case (audio, text)