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In the media (selection)

13 April 2022
Article about Professor Sielke's time in Delmenhorst
Delmenhorster Kreisblattes; by Birgit Stamerjohanns
Copyright: DK Medien GmbH & Co. KG - Delmenhorster Kreisblatt, Artikel und Foto: Birgit Stamerjohanns

21 Jan. 2021
Comments on newly inaugurated US Vice President Kamala Harris (audio)
WDR 3; moderator: Sascha Ziehn

20 Jan. 2021
Live comments on Biden-Harris inauguration (video)
Phoenix; with Andrew B. Denison/Transatlantic Networks; moderators: Sara Bildau, Michael Kons

25 Nov. 2020
Comments on possible Trump campaign in 2024 (text)
Maischberger.Die Woche - Faktencheck

23 Nov. 2020
Public lecture on statue-toppling and memory culture (video)
Ruperto Carola Ringvorlesung "Quo Vadis USA?", Universität Heidelberg; moderator: Welf Werner

21 Nov. 2020
Panel discussion on the aftermath of the US election (video)
Aloisiuskolleg Bonn "FutureLab"; with Ulrich Schlie, Benjamin Becker, Jürgen Trittin, and others

18 Nov. 2020
Article by Katja Iken on Alexander Hamilton (text)
with comments by Prof. Sielke on debate about controversial memorials
SpiegelOnline link (paywall)

6 Oct. 2020
Interview with General-Anzeiger Bonn on first presidential debate (text)
conducted by Daniela Greulich

30 Sep. 2020
Comments on first Trump-Biden presidential debate (video)
Phoenix; with Erik Kirschbaum/LA Times, Elmar Theveßen/ZDF; moderator: Claudia Davies

8 Sep. 2020
Comments on party conventions and Kamala Harris as VP choice (video)
Web talk series "America Decides", Friedrich Naumann Foundation; with Philip Adorf and Patrick Horst; moderator: Pia Herzan

4 June 2020
Interview on George Floyd protests (audio)
Deutschlandfunk Kultur; moderator: Sigrid Brinkmann

17 May 2019
Interview on #MeToo and lessons from the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign (audio)
United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney; moderator: Drew Sheldrick

20 Dec. 2017
Cited in article on nostalgia (text)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung; author: Simona Pfister

12 July 2016
Interview on President Obama's cultural policy (text)
Deutschlandfunk Kultur; moderator: Nana Brink

7 Aug. 2015
Interview on role of religion in first Republican presidental primary debate (text)

6 Nov. 2014
Cited in article on retro phenomena (text)
Badische Zeitung; author: Nadine Zeller

21 Aug. 2014
Interview on Ferguson protests (text)

27 Mar. 2012
Interview on Trayvon Martin case (audio, text)