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Participation in Centers and Collaborative Projects

Investigator, research project, (Ent-)Demokratisierung und Machtstrukturen (TRA-Research project)
Investigator, Bonn Center for Slavery and Depedency Studies    

Associate member, DFG-funded graduate school/DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 2291 Gegenwart/Literatur. Geschichte, Theorie und Praxeologie eines Verhältnisses
Principal Investigator, research project "The Claims of History: Native and National Narratives of Land as Property in the U.S." ("Eigentumsgeschichte(n): Land als Eigentum in indigenen und nationalen Narrativen in den USA"), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) (together with Prof. Dr. Peter Schneck)
Fellow, Center for Advanced Study "Law as Culture" (Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Recht als Kultur"), University of Bonn, Germany