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M.A. NAS: Your progress toward your degree

Your progress is important to us. In order to make sure that you are able to attain your degree in timely fashion, we have developed a number of tools to keep our conversations ongoing. Feel free to take advantage of our information resources (e.g., our website as well as our Facebook page), and sign up for our newsletter. Additionally, we have devised the following itinerary in order to keep in touch about your ongoing progress:

Before Your Studies

  • Annual information events on our M.A. North American Studies (April)
  • Annual career forum “Forum Beruf North American Studies” (May)
  • Individual advising about our program’s structure via email (office[at] and hjanusch[at] and in office hours


During Your Studies

1st semester

  • Orientation session (usually during the week before the semester starts)
  • Advice on choice of elective modules and help with module registration

2nd – 4th semester

  • Individual advising in case of any academic problems

5th semester and beyond

  • We know there are many reasons why your studies may take longer than expected, including a year of study abroad, an internship overseas, other professional experience, family business, and other matters. To ensure you’re still on track pursuing your M.A., you are asked to arrange a meeting with us every six months to discuss your progress and ways in which we can cooperate to assure the timely completion of your course work and M.A. thesis.


We’re here to help! Contact us anytime with questions and concerns at office[at] or Katharina Fackler [[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]]