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M.A. NAS: Internships


Within the Professional and Intercultural Competence module, you may elect to do an internship, which offers you the opportunity to obtain valuable practical experience and apply the knowledge you have gained during your studies to new professional tasks and situations. In addition to discovering how the skills you develop in the M.A. program translate into the professional world, doing an internship can give you new ideas and perspectives that shape your studies.


To receive credit for an internship, it must have a minimum duration of four weeks (full-time).

The internship should relate to your course of study; that is, it should be demonstrably linked to North American culture, media, education, business, or politics. Since this module is designed to enhance your professional and intercultural competence, you are especially encouraged to seek out internships that address the junction between cultures.

Examples may include: Chamber of Commerce, embassies and consulates, media companies, NGOs, academic exchange programs, companies with international branches, etc.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not a given internship will satisfy the requirements described above, please contact a faculty member to discuss your plans.

Before Your Internship

Fill out the “New Internship” form and submit it to us as soon as you know when you will begin the internship. This form will be reviewed to make sure that your proposed internship satisfies the requirements described above.

After Your Internship (Report)

Once you have completed your internship, you must submit a report describing your experiences. This report should be 5-7 pages long (2200-3000 words) and include the following sections:

  1. Overview: A description of the internship, including the duties you performed, challenges you faced, new skills and experiences you gained.
  2. Intercultural implications: In this section you should explain how your experience has contributed to your understanding of intercultural structures and relations. What did the internship illuminate about the relationship between Germany/Europe and North America? What new professional, political, economic, or other links between different cultures did you encounter through your experience?
  3. Academic aspects: How does your internship relate to your studies? What elements of your academic work influenced your experience and vice versa? Are there skills that seem especially relevant to both the internship and your studies?
  4. Future directions: In this section you should discuss what you see as the future implications of the internship for your academic and professional life. Questions to consider might include the following: How do you imagine applying the skills you learned to future work or study? Can you envision yourself working in this field?

To make writing this report easier, we encourage you to keep a brief journal during your internship. Not only will this journal serve as a useful aid when you write your report, it will also function as a record of the various skills you developed and can therefore be helpful in crafting a C.V. at a later time.