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Note for students taking classes and/or exams in Cologne

Students taking classes at the University of Cologne must first register as “Kleine Zweithörer” there (which is free of charge for students in the MA NAS because of our cooperation with the Cologne NAS program). To do so, you must create an account in KLIPS (their equivalent to BASIS):


Afterwards, please proceed as follows: 

1. Auswahl Studium / Choice of Degree Program
After creating your account in KLIPS 2.0, please select:
“Degree programme: Visiting Students - Faculty of Arts and the Humanities Cooperative Study Programme UoC/Uni Bonn”
or (German)
“Studium: Kleiner Zweithörer - Phil Fak. Kooperationsstudiengang UzK/Uni Bonn“

2. Einschreibungsunterlagen / Matriculation Documents
You will be asked to upload the following documents (listed in your KLIPS account):
- Application form (You will have to download this document from KLIPS and sign it)
- Your current (valid) enrollment certification from Uni Bonn (Studienbescheinigung University of Bonn)
- Approval form signed by your Cologne lecturer(s) and by the Dean’s Office in Cologne (You will have to download this document from KLIPS first).

3. Rückmeldung / Re-Registration
Please note: You will have to re-register as a “Zweithörer/in” (repeat the whole process) each term if you plan on signing up for further courses at the University of Cologne.

Once you are registered as a “Zweithörer,” you can sign up for classes in KLIPS and access course materials in ILIAS (equivalent to our eCampus). However, you will still need to register for the same classes in BASIS!

Please note: Should you encounter any difficulties with signing up for classes in KLIPS, please contact the person who is teaching the class in question and let them know about your intention to attend their class.

When taking exams (written exams, term papers) at the University of Cologne, please make sure you register for them in our own BASIS system (!) and let your Cologne lecturer know about your registration. As regards term papers, the exam form must be signed by your lecturer and your grade must be recorded on it as well. This is the only way to ensure you are actually granted your well-deserved credit points.


When in doubt about any of these regulations, please do not hesitate to contact Katja Niederschulte at the Institute for North American History in Cologne or Dr. Birgit Capelle at our Institute.


More information on our collaborative MA in North American Studies on University of Cologne website