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B.A. English Studies

North American Studies are an integral part of the B.A. in English Studies and the teaching degree offered by the Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies at the University of Bonn. For detailed information on these degree programs (B.A. major, double major, minor, and teaching degree) please follow this link to the department's website.

The North American Studies Program currently offers three elective modules in the BA programs and cooperates with colleagues from the field of English literatures and cultures in the first year module Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies.


Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies

The introductory module teaches students basic methods and approaches of literary and cultural studies, as well as the principles of academic writing. In their second semester, students choose one class with a specialized topic from the areas of British, Postcolonial, and North American literatures and cultures. Course offerings in the field of North American Studies in the past have included classes on war poetry, Ernest Hemingway, the American presidency, civil religion, representations of private property, and many more.


North American Literatures and Cultures

An elective module in the second year, North American Literatures and Cultures provides students with an historical overview of North American literature in its cultural contexts, from puritanism to postmodernity and beyond. Weekly lectures introduce the literary and cultural periods; selected texts are discussed and analyzed in smaller groups during the tutorials.


Focus on North American Popular Cultures

As a second elective module in the area of North American studies for second-year students, Focus on North American Popular Cultures introduces students to phenomena and theories and practices of popular culture. Weekly lectures and accompanying tutorials address processes of contemporary American pop culture with examples from film and television, music, and the digital media.


North American Studies

Each winter term the third-year module North American Studies focuses on a specialized topic in transdisciplinary perspective. Co-taught by colleagues from the fields of literary and cultural studies, economics, and political science, seminars in the past have investigated the urban culture of New York, terrorism and 9/11, poverty in America, African American culture, the American family, and the intersections of literature, culture, and money.

Students of the module North American Studies have the option to write their final B.A. thesis on a topic of their own choice in the field of North American Studies. Faculty members working in the program supervise these theses and offer research colloquia, typically in the summer term.