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Conferences and symposia

Engaged in transdisciplinary research and teaching, the North American Studies Program has over the years organized a wide range of interdisciplinary conferences and symposia, among them the 37th Annual Conference of the German Association for American Studies (“American Capital Cities”), the 2nd conference of the Southern Studies Forum of the European Association for American Studies, two conferences in cooperation with the University of North Carolina on “Concepts of Regionalism” and “Space: Place, Environment and Landscape” as well as several interdisciplinary German-Canadian symposia: “Ecology and Sustainability: Canadian Perspectives” (2002), “Film Across the Borders: Zooming in on Canadian Cinema" (2004), "Canadian Popular Cultures: Tune in on Canadian Music" (2004), “Canada and Cultures of Innovation” (2005), “Attention! Provocations on the Culture of Canadian Visual Forms” (2008), "Organic Material: the Many Threads of Canadian Book History" (2009), and "Complicating Canada" (2010). It has also hosted two conferences of the research network The Futures of (European) American Studies, which is funded by the German Research Council: “Positioning American Studies” (2005) and “New Americanists” (2006).

In October 2007, the North American Studies program together with the Forum für Frauen-und Geschlechterforschung organized the interdisciplinary symposium ”Verschleierungstaktiken: Strategien eingeschränkter Sichtbarkeit und Täuschung in Natur und Kultur.” Contributions from the symposium were published as Verschleierungstaktiken: Strategien von eingeschränkter Sichtbarkeit, Tarnung und Täuschung in Natur und Kultur, ed. Anne-Rose Meyer and Sabine Sielke (Frankfurt: Lang, 2011).

Work evolving from the conference on “The Body as Interface: Dialogues Between the Disciplines” (2003) was published as The Body as Interface: Dialogues Between the Disciplines, ed. Sabine Sielke and Elisabeth Schäfer-Wünsche (Heidelberg: Winter, 2007).

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