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Extracurricular events such as lectures and lecture series, talks, and panel discussions are a fundamental part of the North American Studies Program. In the past 21 years the Program has organized and sponsored some 600 lectures, talks, and readings. Among them were events with authors, including Louis Begley, Ernest Gaines, Yann Martel, Rosary O’Neill, and Joy Harjo, talks by American and Canadian ambassadors to Germany, and lectures by scholars including Walter Benn Michaels (University of Illinois, Chicago), Paul Lauter (Trinity College, Hartford, CT), Robyn Wiegman (Duke University), Heinz Ickstadt (Freie Universität Berlin), Alan Trachtenberg (Yale University), John Higham (Johns Hopkins University), Gerald Vizenor (UC Berkeley), Stephen E. Ambrose (University of New Orleans), Ian Radford (University of Toronto), Gareth Griffiths (University of Western Australia, Perth), George Elliot Clarke (University of Toronto), Will Straw (McGill University), Pamela Church Gibson (London College of Fashion), Carl Djerassi (Stanford University), Charles Altieri (UC Berkeley), and Christina von Braun (Humboldt-Universität Berlin), among many others.


Past events (selection)

Lecture series "Current Issues in North American Studies and Cultural Studies" 2009-2019 (includes Martin Luther King Day and Columbus Day Lectures)

Conferences and symposia

Panel discussions

Field trips

Gender Studies Prize